“How can I lose weight?”

We have a 21 day course that will enable you to build a great relationship with food, lose weight, look great and feel even better!

Anthony Beardsell is a world renowned expert in the field of coaching and weight loss. He invites you to join him in discovering your new self.

Do you want to lose weight and still eat whatever you want, whenever you want?  How would you like to feel on top of the world and have a great looking body? Do you find it tricky to admit or recognise that you are full?

This is a fantastic new way to stop overeating, feel totally motivated to exercise and remove those cravings. Anthony Beardsell has worked with people from all over the world to lose weight with this personal breakthrough system.  The 30 day course re-programmes your inner processes including negative thoughts, poor attitudes, and negative beliefs about yourself, to enable you to build a healthy relationship with food and to lose weight permanently.

Now, you can start losing weight straight away and join many people just like you on our Online 21 day weight loss course – without having to experiment with new pills, flog yourself at the gym and without crazy dieting. This course is proven to work and will give you a great new outlook on life as you approach the future with a sense of excitement about how good you can feel and how great you look!

Why 21 days?

Scientists believe that this is how long it takes to create a new neural pathway in your brain. Our minds travel along neural pathways in order for us to produce our behaviours. We are basically going to create some new neural pathways in your mind that are going to enable you to lose weight.

There are 21 modules on the course, one module for each day. Since we want the course to be as flexible for you as possible you will have 12 months unlimited login access to the full course material.

Find out how the programme works....